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These 2 Antler Sheds are Divinely Unique just like you!


Deer Spirit is all about finding your way no matter the terrain and these alter pieces will do exactly that. Hang or place them next to your sacrade space to call in and work with this energy. (They also make amazing jewelry holders.)


I create my interactive alter pieces with the intent of change. That means that nearly everything on this beauty is removable. You can rework, add, and take away as you see fit. Because that is what it’s all about. Creating the life you want, finding what works for you and realizing change is possible and positive. 


Come see these alter pieces in person at my next event. If they are  still available, that is and if not come see all my other unique creations! I am sure you will find something that resonates with you. 


Deer Sheds painted gold with black tips

Black stretchy ribbon on one and blue ribbon on the other

Faux red flowers

Jewel embelishments 

Gold and Black Tipped Deer Antler Alter Pieces

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